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Marine Insurance

We cover both marine hull & cargo to the farthest path of the planet You can get marine insurance for your imported goods or for your vessel/yacht. Marine Cargo: The marine cargo policy provides cover for loss or damage to imported goods being conveyed by sea or air and can be taken up either as an All Risk Policy (covers total or partial loss of goods) or as a Restricted Cover Policy (covers total loss only). The premium rate applied will depend upon the nature and value of goods being imported, the type of cover required as well as the [...]

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Fire & Other Perils

Fire & Other Perils This policy insures you against loss or damage to property as a direct result of fire out break, lightning or explosion. Other perils such as social disturbances like strikes and riots,and natural disasters like storm damages, floods and earthquakes can also be covered by an extension of the standard scope of the cover. The items to be insured are usually made up of the following: Buildings. Office Furniture, electrical & electronic equipment. Plants and machineries. Stock of raw materials and finished goods. Loss of annual rent for alternative accommodation. The policy also contains various other [...]

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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance You are legally required to take out a motor insurance policy to provide third party cover in the event of an accident. Three types of cover are available: Third party only This is the minimum level of cover required by law to drive in the Nigeria. Third party only will cover the cost of any claim made by another person for damage to their vehicle or property, or resulting from injuries received. If you are in an accident that is your fault, the insurer will pay on your behalf any liability to the other people in the accident. [...]

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